Jean Lefebvre

Nesk discovered graffiti in 1995 on the streets of Lyon and is passionate about creating sophisticated, energetic and impulsive lettering in the form of bomb murals.
Walking through abandoned streets and warehouses, he refined his work over the years and followed this path to pursue his studies.

A graduate of the Ecole supérieure d'arts appliqués, he now works as an artistic director and graphic designer in the field of advertising, designing websites, layouts, posters and logos.
At the same time, he offers to individuals and professionals, the elaboration of decorative frescoes to order in order to add a colourful touch to interiors. He also works in schools, associations and professionals to discuss graffiti and teach graffiti techniques.

His universe, rich in bright colours, gives an important place to the work of the letter in all its forms and retains the impulsiveness and energy characteristic of urban art. 

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