David Brognon - The Plug

"A look for signature, a fragility hardly masked by a sense of verbal jousting, The Plug, is not far from the cliché formed around these countless artists who have built bridges between the street and galleries, yet he has managed to overcome the phenomenon of fashion, imposing his creations in private collections and institutions.

Since the street was no different from any other form of expression, The Plug quickly set out in search of a creative formula that would allow it to distinguish itself from the mass and at the same time offer a symbolic value to its act: "It was there that I had the idea of disconnecting objects that I did not like, such as time stamps". 

A take, as if thrown to the ground, painted or drawn, that will quickly be found on all the places of passage of the one we will then have to call The Plug, from Brussels to Tokyo. An idea as simple as it is relevant, quickly greeted by the alternative scene of street artists and their aficionados, up to the emblematic book Art Of Rebellion by author-printer Christian Hundertmark.

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